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volksbanken raiffeisenbanken

The Company
Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken with over 16 million members and 30 million customers, is a pillar of the German banking industry and a major force in the German economy. As the central organization of the cooperative banking group, the BVR (Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken), functions as a promoter of, representative for, and a strategic partner of its members. The cooperative banking group is traditionally associated with, and feels a particular obligation to, a host of small to medium-sized enterprises. It has always been the policy of the group to promote the interests of SME members and customers. The BVR is actively committed to supporting these enterprises in all financial matters.

The Task
The BVR is already the fourth partner from the cooperative financial network we are succesfully collaborating with. As channel of distribution for all partners of the cooperative financial network, the brand “Volksbanken- and Raiffeisenbanken” is even more in the public eye than R+V, DZ Bank and DZ Privatbank. Based on the latest campaign by advertising agency “HEIMAT”, we developed and documented the visual identity of promotional communication. Furthermore we give competent advise in all relevant issues, aiming to obtain a coherent overall picture. 

The Realization
To achieve a better survey and recognition value, we support the campaign at national and regional level with an appropriate overall design. New statements in communication are carried towards a modular and scalable layout principle for all media, tending to a no-frill appearence, which is quite uncommon in the financial sector.