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telekom business assistant

The Business Assistant
Easily mobilize your sales activities.

Currently everyone is wondering how to benefit from the “app-movement”, or if it simply is a negligible temporary fashion – nulleins™ shows you how: cooperating with Telekom AG and Equeo GmbH, nulleins™ developed the “Business Assistant”.

It simplifies client-side sale- and distribution-processes and makes sure your employees are kept up-to-date, regarding your company’s information. Furthermore you can educate your employees via in-app-trainings. Controlled and administrated centrally, latest information will be pushed to your employees tablet-PCs. This way, the sales manager can allocate specific documents and content to his clients and send or present them in a counselling interview. It can even guide you through a recommended process during a counselling interview, on the basis of questions. Simultaneously you’re able to show relevant documents and yet fill in and forward forms and contracts. In a short period of time, the Business Assistant will become an essential tool to your “sales force”.