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The company
DZ PRIVATBANK, and Switzerland as a financial centre, symbolise outstanding performance, long-standing tradition and experience, comprehensive expertise and innovative power throughout the world. Therefore, DZ PRIVATBANK is synonymous with discreet and sophisticated private banking in the Financial Services Network of German Volksbanken & Raiffeisenbanken, which offers the ideal advantage of being located in an area that is attractive in terms of tourism and culture to its clients and partners.

The task
Development of a high-quality image book, which – without talking about banking – piques the reader’s interest in this special country and, therefore, in DZ PRIVATBANK Schweiz as well as its services. The unique positioning of Switzerland as a brand is illustrated and told in appealing chapters in the style of a newspaper’s arts and leisure section.

The creative execution
Switzerland’s national emblem, the white cross on red, constitutes the basis of this design concept. When the book cover is opened up, it folds into a cross, which deftly immerses the reader into the book’s subject and design right away.

The four representative subjects – diversity & democracy, accomplishments & security, tradition & open-mindedness and nature & culture – are treated with separate colours, derived from the corporate design of DZ PRIVATBANK Schweiz, which was developed by nulleins™.

The chapters obtain a special twist through the use of four striking headline typefaces. “Special” meant in a positive sense, the typographic design is typically Swiss. Its strong, quirky and friendly pictures turn the book into a colourful gift, worthy of winning an award.