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Bier is coming home  – The Craft Revolution

Some years ago Germany was proud to be a great beer nation and strong believers in the Reinheitsgebot. Now they realize that they followed the wrong leaders.
The Craft Beer Revolution is swapping over the great lake and everywhere micro breweries start creating new and long forgotten styles of beer. Berlin is the seething centre of this movement in Germany.

Oliver Lemke founded the Lemke Brewery in 1999. Before that he travelled, working in different breweries around the world, learning a lot about the great diversity of beer styles. His aim always was to make great beer and with his knowledge gathered on his travels he can be called a craft beer preacher who now found his believers. Bier is coming home.

The craftmanship and the intent on the details during the brewing process is the idea behind the design of the visual identity and the packaging. The logo a ligature of L and B divers in colors and patterns for every beer style like a letterpress initial.
The additional symbol for the craft revolution is the barley squeezing hand.