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i’m Rich, Bitch

Berlin: Poor but sexy?!
As if!: Berlin is wealthy!
Rich of ideas and creative potencial.

In summer 2009 the “CODE poster contest” took place in Berlin. In line of this contest (we designed some illustrations for in the past) we created a public installation.

nulleins™ wants to give a creative welcome-payment as a gift to all citizens and visitors of Berlin. Therefore we created an interactive poster and placed it at “Hackescher Markt”, one of the most creative and highly frequented central spots in Berlin. Inpired by Berlin’s typical small leaflets (sticking to every lantern or pole – offering appartments, Yoga-courses and dodgy jobs) an advertising pillar was covered in tear-off security papers. According to the principle “our imaginativeness is our capital asset”, the torn-off leaflets slowly reveal the problem’s solution – “free yourself from conventional moral concepts”. Berlin: “creative city” – city of permament change. Abrasion and usage are devoted to that continuous and wonderful change.