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The Task
In 2010 the Ahrenshoop chamber music days took place for the first time, planned to become an annual culture-highlight at this cosy baltic location. The appearance should reflect the artists classy requirements as well as regional characteristics.

The creative execution
Ahrenshoop is a place with strong cultural background and scenic beauty. The same natural beauty that arises out of contrasts between scenic amenity and the wilderness and dignity of local nature, a contrast which fascinates and attracts artists ever since.

The appearance nulleins™ created for Ahrenshoop chamber music days, picks up Schuhmann’s idea of beauty, nature, fate and dignity. A piece of driftwood as metaphor for “being tossed into the world” as a human, as an artist. The diversity of tales, topics, ideas and variations, that forge into an extraordinary artistic event in every year – an extraordinary encounter of artists and art-lovers in Ahrenshoop.